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Shapotools was established in the year 1965. Initially the company was manufacturing jigs, fixtures, moulds & dies. From 1966 onwards, Shapotools switched to production of reciprocating pumps and now has over 50 years of experience. We pioneered in the design and manufacture of metering & dosing pumps in India. Since then, we have established a significant presence in the Indian market, together with a number of exports. The company caters to a diversified customer base, inclusive of project consultants, plant manufacturers (OEM’s) & end users. We are ISO 9001 certified since 2003.

Shapotools Metering Pumps are high precision positive displacement pumps, as per API 675 International code, for controlled volume pumps. The discharge can be varied from zero to maximum capacity while pumps are running or at rest. Our pump designs make them an ideal flow control element in chemical process, for the feeding of chemicals with a high degree of accuracy, even under very high discharge pressure conditions. Our products are robust and of unmatched quality, and offer considerable savings to customer on account of compactness, low installation, operational cost and minimum maintenance. Our design, manufacturing & testing facilities are geared to meet the exacting requirements of the customer. By closely interacting with our customer's needs, our product has continuously evolved to be one step ahead of the competition.

We are fully committed to providing the finest pumps, the best engineering, the most attentive customer service and the greatest after sales support possible. Our modern manufacturing and calibrated testing facilities are accepted by our quality conscious ISO 9001 purchasers.

While our competitors continue to flatter us by copying our older designs, we welcome you to our next generation of pumps!

Our Company Founder Mr. M. S. Bhavnagri Receiving International Acknowledgement Towards His Contribution To The Pump Industry
UDYAM CERTIFICATE Trademark Certificate ISO 14001
ISO 45001
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